Joe Caldarera Calls For Mayor de Blasio’s Resignation in Wake of Police Violence.

Former Prosecutor & Congressional Candidate (NY-11): Complete degradation of civility, decency and safety under Mayor de Blasio

Staten Island, NY… Joe Caldarera, former prosecutor and candidate for Congress in New York’s 11th District, released the following statement today:

“My heart goes out to the NYPD officers attacked over the weekend, as well as to their families and the rest of the greatest police force in the world. As the son of a retired NYPD Lieutenant, this is personal for me.

Unfortunately, in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York, horrendous attacks like these have become the new normal. This mayor has a long and proven track record of turning his back on law enforcement and choosing criminals over our police officers. It’s a disgrace.

“Tragedies like this are emblematic of the culture that Mayor de Blasio has wittingly cultivated. The changes made by bail reform, stop and frisk, broken window policies, turnstile jumpers and the absolutely unacceptable attacks on Police Officers show the complete degradation of civility, decency and safety we have seen under the direction of this Mayor.

“In a matter of a few years, we have seen one of the safest major metropolitan areas in the world devolve into a place that is no longer safe for the Police Officers that stand on the front lines every day to protect all of us New Yorkers. Mayor de Blasio has singlehandedly undone all the work Mayor Rudy Giuliani did in cleaning up our great city and making it safe. This behavior and culture coming from the political elites in our city is completely unacceptable and is putting lives and communities at risk. That is why today I am calling for the immediate resignation of Mayor Bill De Blasio. He has driven New York City off a cliff, and he has lost his ability to lead. Worse, we are all less safe with de Blasio in office. Without his resignation, we won’t be able to change our situation and make New York City as safe as it once was.

“Mayor De Blasio, it’s time for you to step aside and allow someone willing and capable to right the ship. Someone with the unwavering support of our officers and our citizens. Someone who understands the stakes and has the confidence of his city that they will keep us safe. It’s time to end the disgrace.”


A born and raised Staten Island native who attended Monsignor Farrell High School, Caldarera is well aware of the concerns that affect Staten Island and South Brooklyn. Specifically, he intends to address the ongoing opioid epidemic plaguing the area, as well as raising awareness about the high rate of autism on Staten Island.

As the son of an NYPD Lieutenant, Caldarera has promised to support law enforcement officials while in Washington. Additionally, Caldarera has made clear he has no designs on a career in political office, unlike his opponent, saying: “I will be loyal to the people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn.” Caldarera is a former prosecutor in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.