Joe Caldarera For Congress “Loyal To You”

They told me it’s not my time… Start smaller they said.
But if not me, then who? If not now, then when?

I wasn’t an Assembly Member for 10 years.
I didn’t run for Mayor against Bill de Blasio.

My parents are from Brooklyn. They moved to Staten Island once they got married. My father is a retired police lieutenant.

I was born and raised on Staten Island.
A place that outsiders make fun of, but a place that I’ll always be proud to call my home.

My name is Joe Caldarera.
I’m a product of Monsignor Farrell High School.
I am a lifelong volunteer to my community and a former Special Victims Unit prosecutor who has stood up for countless women and children.

Leaving my job to run for Congress was not in the plan.
People are tired of the same-old all talk no action politicians.
People want someone who’s going to do more than just continue to seek higher office.
They’re looking for more than just another compromising Republican.

Opioid Addiction… Autism… Bail reform… Our general quality of life… Our community’s in trouble.

It’s time for a change on Staten Island and Brooklyn.

It’s time to send someone to Washington who’s going to represent US.

Someone who believes in God, family, country.

Someone loyal to their principles.

Someone loyal to YOU.