Malliotakis Caught Lying Again With Photoshopped Image

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (D-??) was caught in yet another lie. The Daily News reported yesterday that a photo indicating that Malliotakis was delivering “masks, gloves and supplies to nursing homes, sanitation workers and first responders” was a fake.

“Where was she that she needed to be photoshopped into a photo, pretending to do good works during a time of crisis?” asked Joe Caldarera. “It is beyond outrageous that during this coronavirus outbreak, while people are losing their jobs, their health and worse, their lives, Nicole Malliotakis is in the comfort of a safe home playing games. The people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn deserve better from our elected officials during these uncertain times. And yet, I’m not surprised – Nicole Malliotakis has a proven record of saying and doing anything to get elected.

After being #nevertrump for years – saying his policies were ‘bad policies’ and that she never voted for him and never endorsed or supported him, now she claims to be pro-Trump.

“After voting for the SAFE Act and public funding for abortion, earning her a dismal 48% rating from the American Conservative Union, now she claims to be a conservative.

“And now, she claims to be helping those in need but has to be photoshopped into photos.

“Nicole Malliotakis simply can’t be trusted.”

Over the past couple of weeks, the Joe Caldarera campaign has transitioned from campaigning into serving the community – as he has done throughout his career. From making sanitizer and safely distributing it to preparing Easter baskets as a thank you to frontline healthcare workers, Joe Caldarera continues to step up and be there when it counts.