Republicans for National Renewal Endorse Joe Caldarera

The Republicans for National Renewal endorsed Joe Caldarera for Congress in the 11th Congressional District of New York. Republicans for National Renewal is dedicated to working to promote a new conservative vision fit for 21st century America. In line with the spirit of the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign, they support pro-Trump candidates for office.

Mark Ivanyo, Legislative Director of Republicans for National Renewal, said, “Joe Caldarera is a patriotic, working class candidate who represents the values of pro-Trump populist voters in Staten Island. He’ll stand up for hard working Americans on trade and immigration, and supports a foreign policy that would bring our troops home from the Middle East.

“His opponent, Nicole Malliotakis, is a pro-choice, Never Trump lobbyist aligned with New York City’s liberal elite. Her catastrophic landslide defeat in the 2017 mayoral election showed her weakness as a candidate and how out of touch she is with ordinary New Yorkers.

“Republicans in New York’s 11th congressional district need to unite behind Joe Caldarera and elect a Congressman who beat the Democrats and stand with our President in putting America First.”

Joe Caldarera said, “I have been a loyal supporter of President Trump and his agenda from the beginning and always will be. I’m glad that Nicole Malliotakis’ anti-Trump record is coming to light and I am looking forward to offering the voters of Staten Island and South Brooklyn a loyal conservative choice on June 23rd.”


Three years into Donald Trump’s presidency, we have yet to see the fundamental change within the Republican Party that we need in order to truly reflect the will of the voters in 2016. On issues from immigration to infrastructure, Trump stands largely alone in advocating a bold, populist vision for our country. It is time to change that. By assisting activists in taking over the party apparatus and pushing Republicans in Congress to back our President’s agenda, Republicans for National Renewal intends to be at the forefront of that fight.


A born and raised Staten Island native who attended Monsignor Farrell High School, Caldarera is well aware of the concerns that affect Staten Island and South Brooklyn. Specifically, he intends to address the ongoing opioid epidemic plaguing the area, as well as raising awareness about the high rate of autism on Staten Island.

As the son of an NYPD Lieutenant, Caldarera has promised to support law enforcement officials while in Washington. Additionally, Caldarera has made clear he has no designs on a career in political office, unlike his opponent, saying: “I will be loyal to the people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn.” Caldarera is a former prosecutor in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.