Former Prosecutor Joe Caldarera Charges Anti-Trump Albany Creature with Multiple Counts of Being a Liberal and Saying Anything to Get Elected

Staten Island, NY… Today, former prosecutor and candidate for Congress Joe Calderara gave his opening statement on behalf of the people of the 11th Congressional District in the case of The People v. Nicole Malliotakis. The Albany Assemblywoman has amassed a public record more in line with a liberal New Yorker Never Trumper than a conservative candidate for Congress and the people of the 11th Congressional District have charged her with multiple counts of being a liberal and saying anything to get elected.

“If she votes like a liberal and talks like a liberal, then she probably is a liberal,” said former prosecutor Joe Calderara. “But don’t take my word for it, over the next few months I’m going to lay out the evidence and prove my case beyond a reasonable doubt that Nicole Malliotakis is a liberal. Now entering her 10th year in Albany, you will plainly see from her votes and her public statements that she has amassed a long and substantial liberal public record. From voting to fund abortion clinics to telling a liberal newspaper editorial board that she regrets voting for President Trump, the evidence will show beyond the shadow of a doubt that Nicole Malliotakis is guilty of all charges of being a liberal and saying anything to get elected.”

The Evidence Against Nicole Malliotakis

  • Regrets Voting for President Trump: “…Malliotakis went so far as to tell the Daily News editorial board she regretted voting for Donald Trump.”1
  • Anti-Life: “I am not against abortion. I would not vote to repeal Roe v. Wade … I’m not a Member of Congress, if I was, as I said, I would not be voting to repeal Roe v. Wade.”2
  • Does Not Support President Trump’s Immigration Policies: “Malliotakis has disagreed with Trump’s plans to suspend DACA, his border wall proposal and his travel ban.”3
  • Wants to Keep NYC a ‘Sanctuary City’: “[Malliotakis] said, if elected, she would ‘continue’ the sanctuary city policy put in place decades ago by the Koch administration that was later expanded by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”4
  • Liberal Voting Record: Malliotakis has voted for everything from extending rent control5 to public funding of abortion clinics6 and unfunded mandates, increasing the debt burden on local taxpayers.7

Caldarera continued, “And this is just the beginning. Over the course of this case, we the People will be entering more votes and more public statements into evidence that will demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that Nicole Malliotakis’ public record is as liberal as they come.

“As we enter election season — a period in which Albany politicians like Nicole Malliotakis will say and do anything for your vote — all I ask is that you keep an open mind as I lay out my case on behalf of the people of the 11th Congressional District. I’m confident that a jury of our peers will vote their conscience and return a verdict of guilty of being a liberal for Nicole Malliotakis. On Election Day, all I will ask of you is to cast a vote consistent with your ideology and principles.”

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February 18, 2020
Media Contact: Chapin Fay
(516) 366-0968 /