Ensuring Public Safety

I am the son of a retired NYPD Lieutenant and I had the honor of representing the State of New York as an Assistant District Attorney.  In my role as an ADA, I prosecuted some of the most heinous offenses including sex crimes and crimes against children. Thanks to the leadership of Republicans employing smart tough on crime strategies we have seen dramatic decreases in crime in New York over the years. Unfortunately, out of touch liberals like Mayor Bill De Blasio with his anti-police policies has put New Yorkers in danger.  With the election of President Donald J. Trump, Law Enforcement finally had someone in the White House who has respect for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. I will do everything I can to be an advocate for the police officers, the firefighters, and other first responders.

Like most Americans and especially New Yorkers, I vividly remember when our city came under attack from radical Islamic terrorists, I recall being worried if I would ever see my father again who was one of the first responders that day. Many others were not as lucky. We must do everything we can to ensure this never happens again. Our military must continue to be the most effective fighting force in the entire world. We must be prepared for emerging geopolitical threats like China and ensure rogue states like Iran and North Korea never become threats to the homeland.

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