Securing The Border

My great grandparents and one of my grandparents immigrated here from Italy, and I am grateful that they decided to pursue the American Dream. I support legal immigration, but not illegal immigration.

We need meaningful border security, especially because there is a humanitarian crisis at the Southern Border. Drug and human traffickers were empowered by the Obama Administration, and unfortunately, Democrats have continued to block President Trump from building the wall and modernizing our border control.

While it may seem far away from us in New York City, we are seeing the consequences of out of control illegal immigration. Routinely illegal immigrants are given special treatment over American citizens in our education, healthcare, and criminal justice systems. Illegal immigrants work outside the law often for less than minimum wage, pricing law-abiding Americans out of work. Even if we deport criminals, because of our porous border, criminals easily return to the United States to re-offend. Enough is enough. This must be fixed immediately. We need to enforce the law, secure our borders, and restore our sovereignty. 

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